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Menu list

Amuse-bouche salmon roe・ea urchin・caviar Sushi Bowl three-piece set Juban Ukyo

<General Manager Yukio Hattori's Comment> This rich meal composed of three different types of caviar and sea urchin gives a hint of the fantastic dishes that are to come. The unique techniques of Juban Ukyo brings out the full flavor and deliciousness of the caviar.

Salad ENC (Earthy Nutty Crunchy) CLISP SALAD WORKS

<General Manager Yukio Hattori's Comment> Chopped salad, the New York style salad. The secret to making this salad lies in the way that the skilled cooks carefully handle the ingredients by hand, instead of having them chopped beforehand. The homemade lemon Tahini dressing harmonizes with the sweetness of the grilled corn, the umami of the red cabbage, the texture of the roasted tofu and the black beans.

Soup Buddaha-jumps-wall-soup SHINKYOTEI

<General Manager Yukio Hattori's Comment> The name of this superb soup comes from the saying “Buddha jumps over the wall to the source of the delicious smelling food” and is a traditional Chinese dish from the Fujian province prepared with luxurious ingredients from both the mountains and the sea. No artificial flavorings are added; it’s the best of soups made by slowly cooking various dried ingredients to produce a complex but rich flavor.

Fish dish Filet de sole braisee sauce “Albert” Chez Inno

<General Manager Yukio Hattori's Comment> This is a specialty from the outstanding Chez Inno, one of the most famous French restaurants in Japan. The highlight of this dish is flatfish, which brings out the flavor of the Dashi and creates a fantastic balance when combined with the traditional Albert sauce. It is said that this dish is better than anything that you can test in the country of its origin, France.

Meat dish “Aurora Angus Beef” Porterhouse, Prime Grade <U.S.> RUSTEAKS

<General Manager Yukio Hattori's Comment> A magnificent porterhouse steak using prime grade beef, the best of American beef. Rusteaks grill their steak with Ubame Oak charcoal, making the outside of the steak crisp and tasty while maintaining the juiciness on the inside. Enjoy a dynamic taste of the meat’s true flavors.

Dessert Gelatina di Pompelmo Chianti

<General Manager Yukio Hattori's Comment> A dessert from Chianti, a legendary Italian restaurant. Their specialty is grapefruit jelly, full of juice, an incredibly refreshing dish that is perfect after finishing the beef. A hollowed out grapefruit containing fruit and jelly makes a truly special dish in which you can feel the chef’s devotion.

Petit four Mini Chocolate Chunks Pizza MAX BRENNER CHOCOLATE BAR

<General Manager Yukio Hattori's Comment> The last dish is an all-time favorite, chocolate. This is a special type of sweet from a famous store made by topping a crust with milk chocolate, white chocolate and toasted marshmallows. A whole new taste with a wonderful appearance. It wraps up this special full course meal with a moment of fun. *Served in a special portion size for the “ALL-STAR RESTAURANT”.


Reservation Period February 14 (Tue) to March 5 (Sun), 2017

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