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The true identity of this restaurant is the VOLVO XC90 Excellence, the epitome of Volvo's unique luxury with carefully detailed craftsmanship and Scandinavian design. We offer you premium hospitality in a special mood created by bringing together various elements of luxury.

A supreme setting that draws out the best of this supreme meal.

We welcome you to this vehicle that's a hideaway amidst serenity, with luxury applied to every inch of its interior. Uncompromising beauty created by the craftsmanship, and the refined Nordic design add to the utmost hospitality. Enjoy a wonderful meal while you immerse yourself in blissful luxury. *The photo show an overseas vehicle. The vehicles sold in Japan are all right-hand drive vehicles.

First-class comfort while you wait to be served.

Each of the four seats are individual seats specifically made for the XC90 Excellence. Each of them are equipped with massage, heating and ventilation functions. Experience the ultimate comfort in this relaxing space.

How about a glass of champagne while you enjoy the view?

The vehicle is furnished with a cooling box that contains two bottles of champagne and two specially designed Orrefors Crystal glasses. Do enjoy the champagne chilled to the perfect temperature.

Everything here is just as you'd want it to be.

The console switch allows you to control the temperature of your drinks and find the perfect seat temperature and reclining angle, among other functions, all from the comfort of the rear seat. Enjoy complete control of the functions to create the perfect relaxing atmosphere.

Where is this orchestra sound coming from?

The Bowers & Wilkins premium sound audio system clearly reproduces even subtle sounds and further enhances the premium ambience. Enjoy real music with your meal. It is as if the orchestra is there playing for live you.

The quietness creates lingering memories of a special night.

The XC90 Excellence is a T8 Twin Engine AWD plug-in hybrid which allows you to select the optimum driving mode according to the driving conditions. By selecting Pure mode powered by only the electric motor, you can enjoy a quiet and relaxing drive feeling as if you were in a nice restaurant away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


Reservation Period February 14 (Tue) to March 5 (Sun), 2017

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